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These are some of the jobs we have a great deal of fun completing.

4M Crosswords

4mobile s.r.o.

A mobile Java + Android game/app that does exactly that - allow you to solve crosswords. Many people doubted old feature phones were usable for this end - and they were wrong. With the right user experience that we managed to implement, you can solve a crossword just as easily as write an SMS.

The app is designed to help novice users learn its features step-by-step. At first, it only presents the very basic options, leading people to what they're looking for first: their first corssword. Only then the new options appear. All menu items have a help baloon, very detailed help is available.

The app is configurable: it allows you to set several font sizes both for the crossword and menu, modify the editing behavior, change what clues you get to see etc.

It also contains an in-app online portal through which it guides newbies to discover how they can spend credits to get more crosswords, how to comment on them, talk to fellow players, see their data traffic broken down by month, get help etc. Since mobile Java had no embedded browser, we programmed a simple one ourselves.

The app supports text and images accompanying crosswords (good for text/image-based jokes hidden in the crossword or branding).

It is fully brandable with ad slots in places where they don't interfere with the experience but rather expand it, for example on the page download screen or splash screen.