Our neighborhood

These are our surroundings, what we see every day on our way to work.

Public transport

Metro line A and tram 11 around the corner. Tram 10 and 16 around another.

Team space

We don’t put more than 6 people in a room. No open space. No solitude. Ideal compromise for cooperation.


Need 3 screens and 3 tablets? Here you go.

More equipment

…or 2 large screens and no tablet…

Farmers’ market

Just around the corner you can get bio goods at Prague’s most popular farmers’ market.

Parks all around

We have 3 parks in the immediate neighborhood.

Pro tap in the kitchen

Draught Kofola on the house + another beverage by people’s choice.

Backyard garden

This is what we see from our windows…

4m at glance

Who we are

We're a Prague, Czech Republic-based, small gang of programmers who have been together for countless years. Many of us still remember good old 8bit times, the Amiga, Atari ST, the first PCs/Macs and the time before the Internet came around. We've programmed for mobile devices since it became possible - we went through the time of mobile Java starting with Nokia 6230i, the boom of color phones and the wild platform fragmentation that it caused (making 150 different ports of an app a neccessity) all the way to today's open operating systems on smartphones and tablets (and soon smart TVs). Fragmentation, however, is here to stay. It only changes its form and shape. Earlier we had to live with different Java implementations, now it's different operating systems plus HTML5. But we love new technologies and we're eager to play with new ones. That's what 4mobile's all about. If it's battery-powered, we can program it.

We develop both to order and our own projects.

This all doesn't mean we're scared of back-ends, SQL, web services, the cloud or anything a modern application has to do - in fact, that's where we're rooted, mobility hasn't been around all the time, after all, and we did it all. So we can deliver the entire package. Including solutions in the cloud, media streaming, around the clock monitoring and support of critical systems, you name it.

Talent-wise, we have older and younger (our current age span is 20-50 years with a mean just below 30), game and business-savvy individuals among us. Just what a top-notch, no-nonsense programmer pack should be.

And we'd like to make you part of that team.


Part-timers and mature candidates

All that matters is getting the job done

Our philosophy is that a great team needs great people of all ages. For some reason, some companies won't hire people above 45. We don't understand this as we're happy to welcome aboard anyone irrespective of their width, height, weight, age, color, sex or anything else that has nothing to do with their perfomance - as that is the one thing that counts.


Candidates before job descriptions

If you're good we're interested

Our primary interest is to work with great people. We often change titles/positions around when we meet someone awesome, so don't fret if you consider yourself more or less experienced than one of our open positions.

In the end, the open positions list is what we need at the moment - many people end up finding out their skill set is more useful elsewhere within the company anyway, so please don't take these literally.


Benefits & Perks

What's great about working here

Challenging work

If you are the one we are looking for you know this is what counts most. Our mantra is: results first, everything else next. No excuses.



We do choose people to join us very carefully. Bad news: you have to pass our tests. Good news: you can expect smart buddies who work well as a team.


Prague and Liberec

Work either in our HQ in Prague or in our first regional office in Liberec. We're looking to attract local talent as well as offer workplace options for our mates.


Draught Kofola

We have a pro tap in our kitchen with free Kofola (the beloved local herbal cola brand) for free and anything else on the other tap (think beer).


Hardware Bonus

If you're new you're free to customize your box for up to 10k CZK. Or your workplace (we have Space Invaders all over our walls, you know).


Flu vaccinaton

Don't like cough and a runny nose? Well, neither do we. Once the rime is right, you're free to get a flu vaccine reimbursement. This is of course voluntary.



Want to enhance your expertise? If it's useful, it's something we buy for you - and us (no, we don't do Rosamund Pilcher, sorry). Even though it would be more 21st century to talk e-books, right?



If you feel like getting a training, go ahead and talk to the other guys about it. If it's useful and doesn't cost a mill, you're in. Just remember you're old enough to choose one yourself.


Monday sports

Like football (soccer)? Not 'are you a pro', none of us are. But every Monday, we kick each other's legs and feet in a small gym. Winning's not an issue. Having a good time is.


Wednesday entertainment

Think pub every first Wednesday of the month and gaming the other Wednesdays. Team Fortress 2 & beer & FlatOut2 & beer. Or beer & beer & beer & beer.


Friendly working hours

Get here at 11:00 the latest and leave when you're done. While the result is the single most important thing, there are good reasons for us to stick in one place for some time every day together (=we're a team). Doctor visits, occasional home office or studying are not a problem as long as the don't cause one.


No politics

We're proud there's no politics within 4M. Our structure is totally flat and will remain so as long as it works, preferably forever. 100% work, 0% unproductive distractions, that's our aim. Oh, our strict dress code: wear whatever’s most comfortable for you.


Bonus system

4M invoices thanks to you, you get a bonus. 4M has squat, you get the same. This bonus system is as fair as they come. The bonus info is updated weekly and everyone can see who's getting what bonus for what. Transparent, simple, fair. Stay cool: Because of its vertical location


Stay cool

Because of its vertical location, are offices are never hot. No air conditioning that makes you sick and can't make more than a 6 degree difference. No sir. Good old rock and bricks help us forget everyone else is being roasted at work.


Bathroom affairs

A shower’s at your disposal at our offices in Prague as well as two toilets with the option for a third. In Liberec, we have two toilets plus a urinal. Whatever your creative process, we’re ready for it all. :-)


Pet friendly

There are no restrictions on pets other than that they must not disturb people’s work or gnaw at cables (or cause anaphylactic shock - always consult your colleagues first).

Some of our clients

We work with the best

Currently looking for

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descrtiption Music streaming server programmer Location: Prague, Liberec Updated: 20.5.2012 share: description description description detail...
descrtiption Mobile app junior programmer Location: Prague, Liberec Updated: 20.5.2012 share: description description description detail...
descrtiption Ebook reader programmer Location: Prague, Liberec Updated: 20.5.2012 share: description description description detail...
descrtiption Mobile trading client programmer Location: Prague, Liberec Updated: 20.5.2012 share: description description description detail...